statue-of-liberty-scaffoldWhen choosing an electrical sub contractor, Eugenes’ premier general contractors depend on Contractors Electric to complete their projects right and on time.

The electricians within our construction team are technically sharp and highly skilled. We are always proactive in project management, and consistent in delivering great results.
Our electrical construction team has worked on jobs ranging from small bathroom remodels to complex custom homes throughout the Lane County area. We make certain that our employees comply with the same policies that you set for your own organization, particularly a safety-first approach to construction.

Our record of referrals is evidence of the high-quality work we deliver and strong working relationships we foster here at Contractors Electric.

Why Contractors Electric?

  • Professional, responsive office staff
  • Thorough, detailed free estimates provided in a timely manner
  • Dedicated highly trained and skilled electricians
  • Highest quality of workmanship is always guaranteed
  • Continuous participation on the job site by our Project Manager
  • Technicians are supplied with quality industry tools, which enable them to perform their job proficiently, effectively and economically.
  • Attention to detail on every project.
  • Project completion on time and within your budget.
  • Safety-First!

Electrical Contractor Services