We frequently hear from people about how much they hate their ceiling heat system or that it’s been broken for so long they can’t remember or wish that it could be repaired.  Now we have an economical fix that we would like to offer to our clients and friends:

In 90% of the locations we’ve done this in, a ceiling heat system can be replaced by a single wall heater that can be cut in and mounted below the existing room thermostat.  Contractors Electric is offering this this work at a special price of $199 per room through the end of January 2012.  This offer is not valid in combination with any other offering, coupon or special.  It is also subject to a review of the site to ensure the existing ceiling heat circuits are available and adequate for the new heaters.  Advanced electronic thermostat options are available at additional costs if requested or required.

Imagine nice warm blown air from a new wall heater filling your room instead of waiting for the ceiling heat to filter down from above and then only heating the top half of the room.

Please be sure to pass this offer onto your friends and family who may benefit from this great price offer.

Contractors Electric, LLC