My stepdaughter’s cat, Indie, is visiting for an extended vacation with us. Indie is probably the angriest cat I’ve ever known.  It’s incredibly deceptive because she is a cuddly looking slow moving furball. I’ve even included a picture of her here asleep in the kitty-condo to show you how deceptively cute she is.

Indie the Original Angry Cat

Indie the Original Angry Cat

When you approach her she may even come up and rub on your leg.  Reaching down to rub her head she may even purr for a moment or two before the hissing starts.  I’ve learned that hissing is mostly OK but you have to be VERY careful and ready in case it turns to growling (yes, cats growl).  If you haven’t already started to pull your hand back by the time the growling starts — you’re in trouble.  I learned this on Friday last week.

In an effort to help Indie feel comfortable in her temporary surroundings I reached in through the opening in the kitty-condo where she was laying and began to rub the top of her head and behind her ears all the while speaking quietly and evenly assuring her that everything was OK and mommy would be coming one day as soon as she could to take her back home. Soon the hissing started even though she continued to push her head against my hand and purr all at the same time.  I’m not sure if I was distracted momentarily or if I just wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have but within nanoseconds of beginning to growl she turned on my hand and clamped her teeth down hard between my thumb and forefinger.

I now have two cute little puncture wounds to the top of my hand and matching holes in the palm of my hand. Oh, and numerous less serious scratch marks along my forearm where her paws raked me a good one.  Interestingly, she didn’t even stand up to do this.  She was still laying down when she was done even as I was still withdrawing my now bloodied limb.

I’m hoping this was a lesson learned but I know myself pretty well and I know I’ll be back tonight trying to assure Indie everything is OK and we’re still friends — well, at least I’m HER friend.  The lesson I hope I learned is that it’s OK to pet most cats but once you venture into the world of the agry cat you had better’d be ready to pull back when the hissing and growling starts or you’re going to pay a serious price for your inexperience and poor judgment.  It’s times like this you need a cat wisperer.

Electrical work is a lot like this (yes, you knew an electrical “moral of the story” was coming, didn’t you?).  There’s a lot most of us can do around the house or even our businesses to maintain and keep things running smooth electrically. Changing lamps is pretty simple.  Even changing a broken outlet or switch is something anyone that is handy can do.  But, anything more than that is like sticking your hand into the world of the angry cat — it can hurt and do significant damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.  This is when it’s time to call the “electron whisperers”.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with an impossible situation.  When it comes to you and your family’s safety or the safeguarding of your property, call an expert.

Let us help you with your electrical needs.  Estimates are always free.  Troubleshooting even the most complex problems is one of our specialties.  Have you got something started only to realize it was above your ability to complete?  Let us help.  As our most recent company “tag line” states,…”We take the shock out of life”,.. Call Contractors Electric at 343-2222.