It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here.  It seems I’ve been somewhat a victim of our own success.  Long, hard hours of work have produced more long, hard hours of work to maintain the pace.  During our first year in business (2010) we performed on a total of 144 jobs.  Last year we performed a total of 366.  So far this year we have already performed on 580.  We went from struggling to keep my business partner, Jeff, and one other electrician busy in the field the first year to keeping 3 electricians in the field last year.  Since May we have had between 8 and 10 full time electricians working for us now.  We have 6 fully outfitted service vans in the field.

We’re excited by the progress we’ve been making.  More special than that, we’re excited by the new relationships we’ve forged with our clients.  Many of who have now become our friends.  We particularly enjoy the friendships we have made with the good people of organizations like the Springfield and Eugene Chambers of Commerce, the Oregon Networking Exchange (ONE) as well as others.  We appreciate the opportunities we have had to serve the electrical needs of our friends. 

We feel particularly fortunate to have risen from nothing just 2 and a half years ago to become a million dollar company.  It hasn’t been easy.  Construction was one of the hardest hit industries during this economic downturn.  We have seen several good businesses shut their doors here in our area.  What I can tell you about our success is that has taken really hard work and determination on our part.  But, we have also had the cheering and support of our families and friends.  But, we’re not the only ones out here working hard.  Just as we have received this important support from our friends, we enjoy giving back to our community by cheering and supporting our fellow business owners and representatives who are likewise working long hard and diligent hours to make a difference in our community.

GO Springfield and Eugene!!!!