Friday this week we passed an interesting milestone for us.  On Friday we signed our 200th job order of the year – in the same week as the 2nd anniversary of our incorporation.  To keep this in perspective for ourselves we looked at where we were during our first year of operations (2010) as well as last year.

Though we incorporated in April 2010 we did not open our doors for business until the middle of May that year.  In the following 7 months of 2010 we performed on 141 jobs or projects.  The following year was a full year of business for us and we closed the year with a total of 366 new projects.  Now, during the slowest part of the year for construction companies in just 3.5 months we have outperformed our first year of business and are well past the halfway mark of beating our 2011 performance.  In fact, last year we opened our 200th work order during the month of September. 

And to what do we owe our success thus far?  Well, we owe it to a number of things.  Mostly we owe it to the trust of our customers, many of whom have asked us back more than once.  But we also owe it to our electricians and to our support staff.  They have worked hard and diligently to help us create something special here.  We also owe it to having created a fantastic partnership in Jeff Brown and Steven Leuck as the owners of the company.  Between Jeff’s vast field experience, knowledge and field management as well as Steven’s long and varied career in project management, estimating and cost containment, we have created something that will stand for a long time. 

Jeff and Steven believe in bringing you the best service at the most economical price possible.  We believe in going the extra mile, in listening to your needs and finding solutions that will best suit your requirements and budgets.  Another thing we owe our continued success to is our strong working relationship with the many businesses and friendships that we consider to be supporting partners in our business.  These include our clients, family, employees, vendors, insurance agents, mentors, Springfield and Eugene Chambers of Commerce, referral groups, business networking contacts and the many, many other people who simply tell us constantly that “we can”. 

We also want to tell our wives, Ricia & Pam, how much we appreciate your love and support.  We could not be where we are or who we are without your support.

We look forward to the rest of 2012 and in partnering with you to help you be successful too.