Last week I switched my personal pharmacy needs from Walgreens to River Road Health Mart.  I found that while Walgreens has great pricing they just didn’t have the committment to individulized service that my friends Jeannie & Brian Marr do at RRHM.  I walked in unnannouced 1 minute after closing. Brian still took the time to switch my accounts and filled the 3 prescriptions I had right then. He then gave me his after hours cell number and said to never hesitate to call if something comes up no matter the hour.  That’s the kind of service we want to emulate at Contractor’s Electric. 

In today’s market you can’t afford not to offer the best services for the lowest possible price.  BUT, if you don’t back it up with GREAT service, you’ll soon find all your customer’s have fled to who does.  You cannot beat good service.  You can’t afford to not offer the best there is at what you do.

If you haven’t yet switched to River Road Health Mart, do it today, you won’t be disappointed. For your every drug and personal care need call River Road Health Mart at 541-636-3522.  For your residential or commercial electrical needs, call Contractors Electric at 541-343-2222.