I shared with you this past summer that due to the shortage of rare earth minerals used in the manufacture of the gases inside fluorescent lamps were taking a large price hike.  Today we got notice of our 5th such price hike this year.  Our national pricing service indicates there was a 5-9% increase in February, a 6-8% hike in late May, a 5-8% hike in June, a 25-35% hike in early August, and now a 10-20% hike as of today.  That means that you are now paying between 160% and 206% more for fluorescent lamps than you did one year ago.

Most of our large order quotations now include a disclaimer that guaranties lamp pricing per the quote for only 10 days or so at a time.  There is no indication that this situation will improve any time soon.

If you need to order large quantities of lamps for either replacement or maintenance, be sure to call us and let us help you get the very best deal we can get.

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