We are extremely pleased to announce that Contractors Electric has been selected through a competitive bid process to provide the power distribution system and install and wire all of the distribution system switchgear associated with the nearly ONE MegaWatt photovoltaic (PV) solar power system currently being installed at the King Estate Winery property on Territorial Highway near Lorane.  We will be providing roughly 16 miles of copper wiring as well as installing all of the owner’s switchgear to draw solar power back onto the “grid” from 4,144 individual solar panels.  The ground mounted PV arrays take up nearly 3.5 acres of land. According to the news as reported in the Eugene Register-Guard this system will generate enough electricity to power roughly 100 homes.

Contractors Electric will be working for and closely with the system provider, SolarCity. SolarCity is a California company with offices in Portland who have installed large array systems all over the country.

Even with this large project going we continue to offer our great services to all our clients both large and small.  Our journeyman electricians are at the ready to help you with everything from the broken light switch in your home to that office remodel or new building you’ve been thinking about for years.

Contractors Electric, Lighting the Way to Excellence.