Several months ago when asked what sets us apart from all the other electrical construction firms out there my business partner, Jeff, responded with “we’re passionate about what we do”. I’ve been thinking about that ever since.  I’ve always been passionate about doing the very best possible job I could.  But does everyone?  If you think about it you’ll realize that with most the people you truly enjoy doing business with it’s because they’re passionate about what they do.  Whether it’s providing the very best service, the best food to your table or the best experience in their store, it’s because they’re passionate about what they do.

At Contractors Electric, we’re passionate about providing you with:

  • The lowest possible price
  • The highest possible quality in our product
  • The best overall experience
  • Your complete satisfaction

We appreciate every opportunity we’re given to serve your electrical needs.  Whether it’s in your home or at your work, we’re the solution to your electrical challenges. 

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