Early this month I alerted you all to a 35% across the board increase in the cost of fluorescent lamps of all kinds.  Today we had another increase.  Increases of between 3% and 21% on many different kinds of fluorescent lamps.  Not all lamps went up  but a significant number of the most commonly used ones did. 

These increases related directly to the scarcity of Phosphor — one of the primary ingredients used in the gases used in fluorescent lamps.  Pricing will continue to rise as there is no current solution to this shortage of phosphor. 

All these increases is helping narrow the gap between fluorescent lighting and the newer LED technologies.  Now that LED lighting is becoming more and more standarized and regulated we’re starting to see very nice solutions for common lighting needs.  If you’re considering any lighting changes or would like to receive additional information on how you can take advantage of some of the newer technologies and save money at the same time, be sure to call us here at Contractors Electric at 541-343-2222.